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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Dons Gun Shop 2305 Allan Ct Nederland, TX 77627 1.4
Collins Fire Arms 816 Hunter Ridge Ln Nederland, TX 77627 1.7
Triangle Pawn 3400 Twin City Hwy Groves, TX 77619 3
Top Gun Inc 4680 Pure Atlantic Rd Groves, TX 77619 2.9
Plant Maintenance Services 4680 Pure Atlantic Rd Groves, TX 77619 2.9
CNC Defense 4343 Lincoln Ave Ste B Groves, TX 77619 2.5
Gulf Coast Ammunition 5885 W Madison St Groves, TX 77619 2.3
Lone Star Pawn 2409 Nederland Ave Nederland, TX 77627 2.2
B & M Products-Gunshop 1500 Industrial Park Rd Nederland, TX 77627 4.8
Mike Smith Enterprises 2241 Jefferson Dr Port Arthur, TX 77642 3.9
Jim's Firearm & Shooters Supplies 2318 Oak S Nederland, TX 77627 3.9
Gun Hunter Trading Co 5075 Heisig St Beaumont, TX 77705 8.3
Craig's 18722 Highway 62 S Orange, TX 77630 11.6
Rays pawn shop 3135 Texas Ave Bridge City, TX 77611 10.7
Triangle Pawn 995 S 11th St Beaumont, TX 77701 12.4
Vidor Pawn & Jewelry 975 N Main St Vidor, TX 77662 12.5
J J's Pawn Shop 5640 College St Beaumont, TX 77707 13.8
Tactical Alarms Of Texas 14395 Fm 365 Rd Beaumont, TX 77705 13.5
Southern Arms & Mfg 14395 Fm 365 Rd Beaumont, TX 77705 13.5
Meyer's Jewelry & Loan 5355 College St Beaumont, TX 77707 13.5
Gary's Guns 2375 Highway 12 Vidor, TX 77662 12.8
Gander Mountain 5855 Eastex Fwy Beaumont, TX 77706 16.2
Bobs Gun Works 2000 Coronado Pl Orange, TX 77630 16.5
Best 1202 N 16th St Orange, TX 77630 16.1
Triangle Pawn 3855 E Lucas Dr Beaumont, TX 77708 15.4
Dirty Harry's Gun Shop 15299 Fm 105 Orange, TX 77630 16.1

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