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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Mighty Minivan 2021 Alameda St Norman, OK 73071 4
American Armory & Tactical 1038 N Flood Ave Norman, OK 73069 6.1
Super Pawn of Noble Inc 777 N Main St Noble, OK 73068 6.9
Sooner Guns And Gold 516 W Main St Norman, OK 73069 6.1
R & S Gun Service & Supply 111 N Broadway St Moore, OK 73160 10.5
Defcon Firearms & Training Center 825 SW 19th St Moore, OK 73160 10.7
Pawn Stop 427 S Telephone Rd Moore, OK 73160 10.7
7 Element Firearms 225 S Broadway St Oklahoma City, OK 73160 10.4
Farley MFg 10805 Brookhaven Oklahoma City, OK 73150 9.9
Mark's Firearms 215 Industrial Blvd Moore, OK 73160 9.4
Captain Pawn 700 N Eastern Ave Moore, OK 73160 10.3
Mark Holland Enterprises 215 Industrial Blvd Moore, OK 73160 9.4
Union Gun Sales, LLC 410 N Telephone Rd Moore, OK 73160 10.9
KR Connected Sports 10513 S Sunnylane Rd Moore, OK 73160 10
J & S Pawn 8801 S I 35 Service Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73149 12.8
7 Element Firearms 2221 Queensbury Rd Moore, OK 73160 12.3
Big K Pawn Shop 2117 S Air Depot Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73110 14.5
Okla Hi-Tech Equipment 2624 SW 102nd St Oklahoma City, OK 73159 14.8
Pawn Sharks 708 SW 59th St Oklahoma City, OK 73109 15.3
One Way Guns 904 NW 32nd St Newcastle, OK 73065 15.3
Blue Haven Firearms LLC 1104 S Air Depot Blvd Ste 3 Oklahoma City, OK 73110 15.1
Best Buy Pawn 4312 SE 29th St Oklahoma City, OK 73115 14.5
Locked & Loaded 14451 SE 23rd St Choctaw, OK 73020 14.4
Blue Collar Tactical 8938 S Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73139 14.1
Arrowhead Archery Pro Shop 3108 Epperly Dr Oklahoma City, OK 73115 14.3
Gun World 3420 S Sunnylane Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73115 14.2
Extra Cash Pawn 8316 S Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73139 14.3
Har-Son Inc 10520 Songbird Ln Oklahoma City, OK 73130 14.4
Dean's Drive-Thru Pawn Shop 2617 S Robinson Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73109 16.7
Bill's Pawn Shop 511 W Main St Purcell, OK 73080 15.8
Pawn Stop 20900 SE 29th St Harrah, OK 73045 16.9

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