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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Gene Sears Supply Co 2003 S Shepard Ave El Reno, OK 73036 2.6
Henry's Guns 14375 W Highway 66 Yukon, OK 73099 9.9
Big K Pawn Shop 330 Elm Ave Yukon, OK 73099 12.2
Discount Gun Sales Of Oklahoma 11100 Hastings Ave Yukon, OK 73099 13.6
Gun Medicine 7809 NW 102nd St Oklahoma City, OK 73162 17.5
Big Boys Guns & Ammo 8620 NW 74th St Oklahoma City, OK 73132 16.6
Big K Pawn Shop 1216 N Council Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73127 17.8
Sierra 1 Gunworks 8604 NW 155th Pl Edmond, OK 73013 17.6
Oklahoma Custom Gunworx 9201 Ste B North Council Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73132 17.2
Argyle Armoring 4108 Hunterfield Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73179 18.6

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