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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
The Boom Store 7115 Stahl Rd Orient, OH 43146 1.1
Gun Envy 6276 Seeds Rd Grove City, OH 43123 3.8
Gunworks 2354 London Groveport Rd Grove City, OH 43123 5
Metal Gear Armory 38 Lozier Ln Lockbourne, OH 43137 9.9
Gemco Coin's Jewelry & Pawn 5311 W Broad St Columbus, OH 43228 10.1
Pickett's Gunworks 1886 Bluffstone Ct Grove City, OH 43123 9.3
Pickett's Gunworks 2615 Creekwillow Pl Grove City, OH 43123 8.9
Hunting & Fishing Center 193 Hawkes Ave Columbus, OH 43223 12.3
Lev's Pawn Shop 1900 Parsons Ave Columbus, OH 43207 12.1
Fishermans Warehouse 1125 Williams Rd Columbus, OH 43207 11.3
Lev's Pawn Shop 2404 W Broad St Columbus, OH 43204 11.4
Central Point Pawn Shop 643 Harrisburg Pike Columbus, OH 43223 11.4
Lev's Pawn Shop 4056 W Broad St Columbus, OH 43228 10.5
Buy Here Sell Here (2 Locations East & West) 1257 W Broad St Columbus, OH 43222 12.3
Aequitas Firearms 700 S High St Columbus, OH 43206 12.8
Vance Outdoors 4250 Alum Creek Dr Columbus, OH 43207 12.9
Lev's Pawn Shop 1275 Parsons Ave Columbus, OH 43206 12.8
Gander Mountain 5388 Westpointe Plaza Dr Columbus, OH 43228 12.4
West Jeff Outfitters 24 W Main St West Jefferson, OH 43162 11.5
Murphy's 1st Defense 292 N Eureka Ave Columbus, OH 43204 11.7
Silver Bullet Firearms 1212 Sullivant Ave Columbus, OH 43223 12
Anchor Training Institute 1410 Williams Rd Columbus, OH 43207 11.8
Erwins Firearms 10650 Lockbourne Eastern Rd Ashville, OH 43103 11.5
Lev's Pawn Shop 1025 Mount Vernon Ave Columbus, OH 43203 14.9
Lev's Pawn Shop 1174 W 5th Ave Columbus, OH 43212 14
Gun Mafia 2408 Advanced Business Center Dr Columbus, OH 43228 13.6
Powder Room Firearms 2685 Plain City Georgesville Rd NE West Jefferson, OH 43162 13.5
Cap City Outfitters 4465 Cemetery Rd Hilliard, OH 43026 15.7
Lev's Pawn Shop 3446 E Main St Columbus, OH 43213 16.7
Alpha Star Tactical LLC 3065 Silver Dr Columbus, OH 43224 17.4
Buy Here Sell Here 2344 E 5th Ave Columbus, OH 43219 16.7
Lev's Pawn Shop 785 E Hudson St Columbus, OH 43211 16.8
Bill's Gun Shop 160 Broad St SE Midway, OH 43151 17.9
Defense Supply Center 3990 E Broad St Columbus, OH 43218 18.1

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