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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Hall's Firearms 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 4
Slugmaster Inc 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 5.8
Hagmaier Conrad E 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 5.8
J & D Firearms Inc 2028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 5.8
J & B Sports 3980 State Route 82 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 5.8
Templar Custom Arms 9501 E Center St Windham, OH 44288 5.2
Pete's Gun Shack, Inc. 3041 Parkman Rd NW Warren, OH 44485 7.4
American Indoor Shooting Range 12288 Mahoning Ave North Jackson, OH 44451 7.6
J&D firearms 3323 Parkman Rd NW Warren, OH 44481 7.2
J & D Firearms Inc 3323 Parkman Rd NW Ste 6 Warren, OH 44481 7.2
Warren Shooting Range 1832 W Market St Warren, OH 44485 7.4
P M D Gunsmithing 2031 Elm Rd NE Warren, OH 44483 10.2
Stocker's Shop 5199 Mahoning Ave NW Warren, OH 44483 9.7
Precision Shooting 6533 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 11.3
P & A Super Pawn Brokers 5340 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446 11.2
National Armory 5466 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 12.4
Summit Firearms 1715 N State St Girard, OH 44420 13.5
E Tactical Firearms 233 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446 12.9
Buckeye Firearms 5466 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 12.4
Gander Mountain 2390 Niles Cortland Rd SE Warren, OH 44484 12
Top Shot Firearms Llc 4935 S Prospect St Ravenna, OH 44266 14.9
Denny's Firearms, Safety, Repairs & Accessories 5 Robert St Vienna, OH 44473 15.1
Sydmor's Jewelry Co 112 E Main St Ravenna, OH 44266 14.3
Elite Tactical Firearms and Training 39 W Liberty St Girard, OH 44420 14.1
Cortland Hardware 300 W Main St Cortland, OH 44410 15.8

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