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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
G & R Tactical 5002 New Cumberland Rd NE Mineral City, OH 44656 6.5
Hidden Hybred Holsters 3666 Cleveland Ave S Canton, OH 44707 8.4
Morris Pawn Shop 435 Tuscarawas St E Canton, OH 44702 10.8
50 Bmg Supply 1311 Gross Ave NE Canton, OH 44705 11.4
Hunt'n Shack 2167 Canton Rd NW Carrollton, OH 44615 10.5
The Gun Shop 3032 Canton Rd NW Carrollton, OH 44615 10.2
Ohio Outdoor Sports 2314 Shepler Church Ave SW Canton, OH 44706 9.7
Ridge Top Firearms 4289 Ridge Rd NE New Philadelphia, OH 44663 12.8
Hidden Hybrid Holsters 3666 Cleveland Ave NW Canton, OH 44709 13.8
Liberty A.C.E. 204 W 2nd St Dover, OH 44622 13.4
Dawson Enterprises 7191 Nave Rd SW Massillon, OH 44646 12.9
Dicks Gun Shop 10021 Malibu Rd NE Minerva, OH 44657 12
Valley Gun & Collectibles 128 S Wooster Ave Strasburg, OH 44680 13
All American Outdoors 990 N Wooster Ave Strasburg, OH 44680 13.1
Kennard's Emporium 125 Erie St N Massillon, OH 44646 15.7
Fin Feather Fur Outfitters 4080 Belden Village St NW Canton, OH 44718 15.5
AJ Harris Tactical 143 1st St SE Massillon, OH 44646 15.5
Barthels Gunsmithing Inc 1692 Meadowlane Dr SE North Canton, OH 44709 14.7
Freedom Gun Shop 8311 Kent Ave NE Canton, OH 44721 17.9
Ohio Trading Inc 8855 State St Louisville, OH 44641 17.4
Ohio Trading Coin & Jewelry 8855 State St Louisville, OH 44641 17.4

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