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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Denny's Firearms, Safety, Repairs & Accessories 5 Robert St Vienna, OH 44473 4.4
Cortland Hardware 300 W Main St Cortland, OH 44410 4.2
Galati's Guns & Ammo 5806 Warren Sharon Rd Brookfield, OH 44403 5.8
Denny's Sporting Goods Inc 1899 Brookfield Rd Hubbard, OH 44425 9.4
E Tactical Firearms 233 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446 9.3
P & A Super Pawn Brokers 5340 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446 8.7
P M D Gunsmithing 2031 Elm Rd NE Warren, OH 44483 8.1
Gander Mountain 2390 Niles Cortland Rd SE Warren, OH 44484 8.2
Summit Firearms 1715 N State St Girard, OH 44420 9.7
Stocker's Gun Shop 5199 Mahoning Ave NW Warren, OH 44483 10.1
J & D Firearms Inc 3323 Parkman Rd NW Ste 6 Warren, OH 44481 11.5
Elite Tactical Firearms and Training 39 W Liberty St Girard, OH 44420 11.1
J&D firearms 3323 Parkman Rd NW Warren, OH 44481 11.5
Baugher Eric W 130 Shenango Park Rd Transfer, PA 16154 11.5
Pete's Gun Shack, Inc. 3041 Parkman Rd NW Warren, OH 44485 10.9
Warren Shooting Range 1832 W Market St Warren, OH 44485 11
Sporty's Guns & Bluing 10235 State Route 5 Kinsman, OH 44428 12.5
J & D Firearms Inc 2028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 12.9
Hagmaier Conrad E 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 12.9
Slugmaster Inc 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 12.9
J & B Sports 3980 State Route 82 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 12.9
Hall's Firearms 3028 State Route 5 Leavittsburg, OH 44430 14.5
Shooters Supplies 9 Short St West Middlesex, PA 16159 14.1
Precision Shooting 6533 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 16.2
Gunz N Fun 104 Leech Rd Greenville, PA 16125 16.8
Denny's Gun Shop 215 Oniontown Rd Greenville, PA 16125 16.4
Canon's Gun Room 7208 W Market St Mercer, PA 16137 16.4
National Armory 5466 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 15.6
Buckeye Firearms 5466 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44515 15.6
Greenville Gun & Supply 1000 Methodist Rd Greenville, PA 16125 18.6

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