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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Glory Guns & Pawn 1194 Skyline Dr Hopkinsville, KY 42240 9
11 Series Tactical 3027 Texas Ave Fort Campbell, KY 42223 8.9
Echo Pawn 1196 Skyline Dr Hopkinsville, KY 42240 9
Shell Shop 101 Hammond Dr Hopkinsville, KY 42240 8.2
Gun & Knife Country 15240 Fort Campbell Blvd Oak Grove, KY 42262 8.5
Ck Outfitters 2890 Woodlawn Rd Woodlawn, TN 37191 13.5
Grandpa's Outdoors 1894 Fort Campbell Blvd Clarksville, TN 37042 13.1
The Tactical Edge 1925 Fort Campbell Blvd Ste C Clarksville, TN 37042 12.9
Tennessee Gun Country 1435 Fort Campbell Blvd Clarksville, TN 37042 14.5
Allens Gun Shop 925 Dover Rd Clarksville, TN 37042 14.2
Triple S 926 Power St Clarksville, TN 37042 15.9
Outsiders Tactical Core Dr Clarksville, TN 37040 15.8
Trigg Shooters 289 Main St Cadiz, KY 42211 16.8
Red River Tactical 2279 Raleigh Ct Clarksville, TN 37043 18.6

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