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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Blaine's Guns & Bows Inc 6521 Ky Route 1428 Allen, KY 41601 5.9
East Kentucky Gun & Pawn 1490 S Lake Dr Prestonsburg, KY 41653 6.5
Copperhead Gun & Archery 469 Us Highway 23 N Prestonsburg, KY 41653 6.1
Wesley's Pawn Shop 6998 N Mayo Trl Pikeville, KY 41501 9.1
Bailey's Guns & Ammo 5750 N Mayo Trl Pikeville, KY 41501 9
Appalachian Custom Guns 424 Weddington Branch Rd Pikeville, KY 41501 10.4
Dougs Guns & Ammo 444 Blackburn Xing Pikeville, KY 41501 11.6
Robinettes Guns and Archery 6304 Zebulon Hwy Pikeville, KY 41501 12.8
The Pawn Shop 205 S Mayo Trl Paintsville, KY 41240 13.7
Black Market Guns 1031 Broadway St Paintsville, KY 41240 13.1
Inez Guns Tackle And Tobacco 603 Main St Inez, KY 41224 15.1
Hopson's Guns 1662 Ky Route 40 W Staffordsville, KY 41256 16.2
Double E Guns & Amo 1603 Ky Route 172 Staffordsville, KY 41256 17.9

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