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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Top Shot Armory 22988 Ireland Rd South Bend, IN 46614 9
Kankakee Valley Arms 7020 N Honeywood Ln Walkerton, IN 46574 9.6
Femme Fatale Guns & Sporting Inc 1201 S Main St South Bend, IN 46601 12.7
Keller's Pistol Range-Bait & Sport Shop 8816 E 700 N New Carlisle, IN 46552 13.2
Ozark Trading Post 1530 W Western Ave South Bend, IN 46619 12.5
Ozark Pawn Shop 1530 W Western Ave South Bend, IN 46619 12.5
Indiana Aema & Ammo Inc 750 W Indiana Ave South Bend, IN 46613 12.2
Gun Town 10660 E US Highway 30 Grovertown, IN 46531 11.7
Midwest Gun Exchange 3415 Grape Rd Mishawaka, IN 46545 16.6

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