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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
D & D Weapon Works LLC 1221 S Halleck St Demotte, IN 46310 0.5
Gauntlet Gun Shop 702 E Indiana St Kouts, IN 46347 12.5
Cross Saber Custom Gunsmithing 702 E Indiana St Kouts, IN 46347 12.5
Ed's Work Clothes & Sporting Goods 9537 N 300 W Lake Village, IN 46349 13.6
Shooters Outpost 83 S 200 E Fair Oaks, IN 47943 16
Sheepdog Armory 1117 Merrillville Rd Crown Point, IN 46307 18.1
Freedom Arms Sportshop 1512 E North St Crown Point, IN 46307 17.2

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