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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Yankee Creek Unitions 27835 Highway 74 Evergreen, CO 80439 1.2
Prestige Ammunition Inc. 9151 Old Mill Rd Conifer, CO 80433 6.5
Aimpro Tactical 16015 W 4th Ave Ste 4 Golden, CO 80401 10.4
Heritage Gun Works Inc 12860 W Cedar Dr Ste 200b Lakewood, CO 80228 11.7
Arms Arrows & Anglers 12297 W New Mexico Pl Lakewood, CO 80228 11.3
Advantage Pawn Inc 11520 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 13.4
Total Firepower 10680 W 8th Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 13.4
Denver Guns and Ammo 8250 W Coal Mine Ave Ste 2 Littleton, CO 80123 13.5
Artificer 11845 W 17th Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 13.3
Colorado Gun Broker 8966 W Bowles Ave Ste R Littleton, CO 80123 12.9
J and J Enterprises 10973 W Coco Pl Littleton, CO 80127 12.5
Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center 12105 W Cedar Dr Lakewood, CO 80228 12.1
Clemans, Robert J 6494 Lone Eagle Rd Golden, CO 80403 12.9
Machine Gun Tours 12550 W Colfax Ave Unit 103 Denver, CO 80215 12.8
Third Point Of Performance 12600 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 12.8
Colorado Sporting Arms 11919 I 70 Frontage Rd N Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 15.2
Straightforward Shooting 7606 S Newland St Littleton, CO 80128 14.8
G & G Guns 8485 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80215 15
CenterfireGuns 7475 W 5th Ave Ste 102 Lakewood, CO 80226 15.1
Right Brain Armory 471 S Marshall St Lakewood, CO 80226 15.2
Carver Arms 1429 Estes St Lakewood, CO 80215 14.8
The Gun Room 1595 Carr St Unit Main Lakewood, CO 80214 15.1
Sawtooth Inc 1575 Hoyt St Lakewood, CO 80215 14.5
Pops Gun Shop 66 Shelton Dr Bailey, CO 80421 13.7
Heritage Gun Works Inc 1473 S Teller St Lakewood, CO 80232 14.4
Green Mountain Guns 3355 S Yarrow St Lakewood, CO 80227 13.6
Tom & Joe's Firearms Inc 12627 W 32nd Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 13.7
Jewell Pawn and Gun 7800 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80232 13.9
Andy's Custom Guns Inc 14855 W 54th Ave Golden, CO 80403 14.3
Firearms Tom and Joe's 13301 W 43rd Dr Unit 6b Golden, CO 80403 14.1
The Reloaders Corner 11651 W 64th Ave Arvada, CO 80004 16.6
Prema Arms 3718 Norwood Dr Littleton, CO 80125 16.9
Eagles Nest Armory 12325 W 64th Ave Unit B Arvada, CO 80004 16.4
New Sparta 3625 W Bowles Ave Littleton, CO 80123 16.3
Pasternack's Pawn Shop 6851 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80214 15.9 1200 Crow Valley Rd Bailey, CO 80421 16
Martin's Gun Shop 937 S Sheridan Blvd Lakewood, CO 80226 15.8
J D Gunsmithing 1889 County Road 308 Idaho Springs, CO 80452 17.9
Schonfeld Optics Inc. 12431 Mead Way Littleton, CO 80125 17.2
Parker Arms and Gunsmith 3825 Kendall St Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 17.2
Warhorse Firearms 3105 W County Line Rd Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 17.1
The Gunners Den 12325 W 64th Ave Unit B Arvada, CO 80004 16.4
Total Firepower 3017 Osceola St Denver, CO 80212 18.2

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