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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Country Pleasures Gifts & Guns 177 N Main St Porterville, CA 93257 1
Ed's Reloading Bench 9937 Road 184 Terra Bella, CA 93270 9.7
De Haan Firearms 16207 Avenue 188 Strathmore, CA 93267 10.9
D & E Fire Arms And Training 202 E Maple St Exeter, CA 93221 17.1
Visalia Safes 536 S Spruce Rd Exeter, CA 93221 16.4
Extreme Shooting Sports Inc 1137 W Visalia Rd Exeter, CA 93221 17.5
Ace Guns 243 S K St Tulare, CA 93274 20
Morris Levin & Son 1816 S K St Tulare, CA 93274 19.3

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