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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Jones Gun Works 1183 Mako Ln Perris, CA 92571 0.6
Smokin Guns Firearms & Training 18630 Toehee St Perris, CA 92570 7.3
Ronald L Walls Firearms Dealer 8346 Queen Anne Ln Riverside, CA 92508 9.6
Strike & Hammer Fire Arms 2040 Eastridge Ave Riverside, CA 92507 10.7
Grizzly Firearms Inc 2040 Eastridge Ave Riverside, CA 92507 10.7
Counter Strike Firearms 175 N Cawston Ave Hemet, CA 92545 12.2
Teufelhunden Gunsmith 12330 Skywood Ct Riverside, CA 92503 14.1
Empire Tactical 2571 Laramie Rd Riverside, CA 92506 13.9
Ammo Brothers 10031 Indiana Ave Riverside, CA 92503 15.6
Shooter Supply USA 9880 Indiana Ave Ste 17 Riverside, CA 92503 15.5
Brass & Bass 39815 Alta Murrieta Dr Ste C6 Murrieta, CA 92563 15.9
Warrior One Guns And Ammo 2222 Kansas Ave Ste H Riverside, CA 92507 15.9
War One 2222 Kansas Ave Riverside, CA 92507 15.9
Center Fire Firearms 3696 Sunnyside Dr Riverside, CA 92506 15.1
B J Sporting Goods Inc 324 E Florida Ave Hemet, CA 92543 14.8
Bullseye Sport Guns & Ammo 6710 Brockton Ave Riverside, CA 92506 15 6710 Brockton Ave Riverside, CA 92506 15
Precision Ammunition 1430 3rd St Riverside, CA 92507 15.1
The Shootist 24910 Washington Ave Ste 101 Murrieta, CA 92562 16.4
Danforth Gunsmithing 7101 Jurupa Ave Ste 34 Riverside, CA 92504 17.7
Beltfed Precision Products 6734 Doolittle Ave Riverside, CA 92503 17.7
Riverside Magnum Range 12391 Sampson St Riverside, CA 92503 17.5
D Street Gunsmithing 12391 Sampson St Riverside, CA 92503 17.5
Riverside Shooting Club 12391 Sampson St Ste O Riverside, CA 92503 17.5

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