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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Brooks Pawn & Jewelry 1501 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA 95355 0.8
On Target Arms 2120 College Ave Modesto, CA 95350 1.4
On Target Firearms Instruction 503 Bangs Ave Ste D Modesto, CA 95356 3.1
CALLED2ARMS 501 Bangs Ave Modesto, CA 95356 3
Ammo Adison 2009 Elwin Way Modesto, CA 95350 2.8
California Shooting Sports 2045 W Briggsmore Ave Ste A9 Modesto, CA 95350 2.4
Sierra Arms Corp 1408 N Carpenter Rd Ste 1 Modesto, CA 95351 2.3
Shotgun Johnny's 1940 Crows Landing Rd Ste 3 Modesto, CA 95358 4.1
Precision Marksmanship Technologies 4604 Danielle Pl Salida, CA 95368 6.5
Kiwis Custom Guns 3332 Santa Fe St Riverbank, CA 95367 6
Riverbank Armory Po Box 85 Riverbank, CA 95367 5.6
Dealer Warehouse 4813 Enterprise Way Ste K Modesto, CA 95356 5.6
Cencal Tactical 3525 Mitchell Rd Ceres, CA 95307 5.9
Full Throttle Motorcycle & Gun Shop 5528A Pirrone Rd Salida, CA 95368 7.1
Aaarms 1201 W Main St Ste 7 Ripon, CA 95366 9.8
AAA Locksmiths 1201 W Main St. # 27 Ripon, CA 95366 9.8
Fred's Firearms 807 W F St Oakdale, CA 95361 10.1
Cencal Tactical 6566 E Grayson Rd Hughson, CA 95326 9.2
Barnwood Arms 120 E Main St Ripon, CA 95366 9.1
Poseidon Imports 120 E Main St Ripon, CA 95366 9.1
The Gun Shop 157 N 4th Ave Oakdale, CA 95361 10.8
Shooter's Warehouse & Supply 922 Shepard Ct Oakdale, CA 95361 10.6
Infinity 900 Wakefield Dr Oakdale, CA 95361 10.6
Oakdale Guns & Ammo 1906 E F St Ste A Oakdale, CA 95361 12
Dan's Discount Guns & Ammo 6913 Stoddard Rd Oakdale, CA 95361 11.7
Fred's Firearms 1220 E F St Suite D-1 Oakdale, CA 95361 11.2
Prk Arms Inc 2913 N Tegner Rd Turlock, CA 95380 11.2
Knights Ferry Mercantile 17706 Mann Ct Oakdale, CA 95361 11
Schell's Sports Shop 2111 Geer Rd Ste 209 Turlock, CA 95382 12.8
Shotgun Johnnys 1447 Hulsey Way Manteca, CA 95336 14.5
Bilson's Sport Shop 201 Lander Ave Turlock, CA 95380 14
Alquist Arms 120 S Center St Turlock, CA 95380 13.9
Elite Arms 1140 S Main St Manteca, CA 95337 15.1
Brooks Arms & Ammo 1256 W Lathrop Rd # 385 Manteca, CA 95336 17.7

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