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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Fins Fur & Feather Sports 1520 Bader Mine Rd Paradise, CA 95969 1.9
White, Clifford 1370 Wagstaff Rd Paradise, CA 95969 3
Under Ground Ammo Paradise 5780 Clark Rd Paradise, CA 95969 4.6
Paradise Pawn 6060 Skyway Paradise, CA 95969 4.6
Paradise Guns & Ammo 815 Elliott Rd Paradise, CA 95969 4.2
Underground Ammo 2520 Dominic Dr Chico, CA 95928 12.1
Safer Arms Indoor Range & Outdoor Gear 2555 Dominic Dr Chico, CA 95928 12.1
Onpoint Firearms 3083 Montreal Ln Chico, CA 95973 11.7
North Valley Gun Shop 544 Eaton Rd Chico, CA 95973 14.1
Johnny's Lock & Safe 1224 Mangrove Ave Chico, CA 95926 13.3
Chico Rod & Gun Clb Inc 1850 Normal Ave Chico, CA 95928 13.7
Jon's Gunworks 4061 Camas Ct Chico, CA 95973 15.2
Down Range Indoor Training Center 13407 Garner Ln Chico, CA 95973 15.3
Deer Creek Archery 1152 W 8th Ave Chico, CA 95926 14.8
Durham Guns and Ammo 9406 Cummings Rd Durham, CA 95938 15.1
Action Guns & Sporting Goods 3023 Esplanade Chico, CA 95973 14.4
Verwoest Precision Automatic 2562 Durham Dayton Hwy Apt B Durham, CA 95938 15.8

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