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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Lodi Guns 906 W Lodi Ave Lodi, CA 95240 0.6
Lodi Pawn Jewelry & Loan 330 W Lodi Ave Lodi, CA 95240 0.9
Professional Firearms 519 W Lodi Ave Lodi, CA 95240 0.8
Spectrum Firearms 1115 Black Diamond Way Ste A Lodi, CA 95240 2.4
KW Defense, Inc. 7840 West Ln Suite F Stockton, CA 95210 7
Galt Shooting Sports 811 C St Galt, CA 95632 9.1
Lockeford Jewelry & Loan 13475 E Highway 88 Lockeford, CA 95237 8.2
Outdoor Sportsman 4969 West Ln Stockton, CA 95210 8.4
2nd Amendment Firearms 1045 N El Dorado St Stockton, CA 95202 10.9
Stockton Gun Exchange 1732 Pacific Ave Stockton, CA 95204 10.6
Huston's Custom Gun's 1141 W Fremont St Stockton, CA 95203 11.6

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