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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Riverbank Armory Po Box 85 Riverbank, CA 95367 5.1
Kiwis Custom Guns 3332 Santa Fe St Riverbank, CA 95367 5.3
Full Throttle Motorcycle & Gun Shop 5528A Pirrone Rd Salida, CA 95368 7.3
Dealer Warehouse 4813 Enterprise Way Ste K Modesto, CA 95356 7
CALLED2ARMS 501 Bangs Ave Modesto, CA 95356 6.1
On Target Firearms Instruction 503 Bangs Ave Ste D Modesto, CA 95356 6.1
Brooks Pawn & Jewelry 1501 Coffee Rd Modesto, CA 95355 8.8
California Shooting Sports 2045 W Briggsmore Ave Ste A9 Modesto, CA 95350 8.7
Fred's Firearms 1220 E F St Suite D-1 Oakdale, CA 95361 9
The Gun Shop 157 N 4th Ave Oakdale, CA 95361 8.6
Aaarms 1201 W Main St Ste 7 Ripon, CA 95366 8.3
Infinity 900 Wakefield Dr Oakdale, CA 95361 9.2
Shooter's Warehouse & Supply 922 Shepard Ct Oakdale, CA 95361 9.1
AAA Locksmiths 1201 W Main St. # 27 Ripon, CA 95366 8.3
Poseidon Imports 120 E Main St Ripon, CA 95366 7.7
Ammo Adison 2009 Elwin Way Modesto, CA 95350 7.5
Knights Ferry Mercantile 17706 Mann Ct Oakdale, CA 95361 8.3
Barnwood Arms 120 E Main St Ripon, CA 95366 7.7
Precision Marksmanship Technologies 4604 Danielle Pl Salida, CA 95368 7.9
Fred's Firearms 807 W F St Oakdale, CA 95361 8.1
On Target Arms 2120 College Ave Modesto, CA 95350 8.2
Shotgun Johnnys 1447 Hulsey Way Manteca, CA 95336 10.5
Oakdale Guns & Ammo 1906 E F St Ste A Oakdale, CA 95361 9.7
Sierra Arms Corp 1408 N Carpenter Rd Ste 1 Modesto, CA 95351 9.6
Elite Arms 1140 S Main St Manteca, CA 95337 11.8
Dan's Discount Guns & Ammo 6913 Stoddard Rd Oakdale, CA 95361 11.6
Brooks Arms & Ammo 1256 W Lathrop Rd # 385 Manteca, CA 95336 13.2
Shotgun Johnny's 1940 Crows Landing Rd Ste 3 Modesto, CA 95358 13.2
Cencal Tactical 3525 Mitchell Rd Ceres, CA 95307 14.7
Knights Ferry Mercantile 17706 State Highway 120 Oakdale, CA 95361 17.4

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