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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Mike's Gun Shop 1287 E Highway 134 Apt A Midland City, AL 36350 0.9
Hardens Gun Shop 607 E King St Newton, AL 36352 3.6
Gander Mountain 5105 Montgomery Hwy Dothan, AL 36303 6
Area 51 5775 Montgomery Hwy Ste 4 Dothan, AL 36303 5.4
Sanders Guns 10288 W US 84 Newton, AL 36352 5.4
Park-N-Pawn 1765 Montgomery Hwy Dothan, AL 36303 9.4
Super Pawn Dothan,Inc. 2363 Montgomery Hwy Suite 1 Dothan, AL 36303 8.8
Pawn City Of Dothan Inc 1919 Montgomery Hwy Dothan, AL 36303 9.2
Outpost Guns & Ammo 2650 Ross Clark Cir Dothan, AL 36301 10.3
Ordnance Depot 454 Highway 84 E Daleville, AL 36322 10.6
Outdoor Connection 5681 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 10.6
Long Shot 3385 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 11.1
Kaufman's Gun Shop 141 N Daleville Ave Daleville, AL 36322 10.4
West Main Jewelry & Loan 594 W Main St Dothan, AL 36301 10.3
Joe's Pawn-Title & Check 1597 Montgomery Hwy Dothan, AL 36303 9.5
Trucor Ammo 330 Bic Rd Dothan, AL 36303 10.1
Southern Outdoor Sports 2126 Hartford Hwy Dothan, AL 36305 10.1
Show Gun & Pawn Inc 1120 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 11.4
Cliff's Gun Shop 153 E Broad St Ozark, AL 36360 11.4
Money Mizer 3075 S Oates St Dothan, AL 36301 12.4
C R Guns Inc 369 Peterman Rd Taylor, AL 36301 11.6
Howell Shooting Supplies 140 Lowe Dr Enterprise, AL 36330 13.6
Lock N Load 43 County Road 17 Enterprise, AL 36330 14.7
Country Guns 6188 S State Highway 605 Dothan, AL 36301 16.2
Tri-State Guns & Ammo 706 Glover Ave Enterprise, AL 36330 17.8
Tristate Guns & Ammo Sale 101 George Wallace Dr Enterprise, AL 36330 17.7
Bob's PRO Archery 6923 E Us Highway 84 Ashford, AL 36312 17.2
Accurate Plating & Weaponry 5229 County Road 99 Newville, AL 36353 18.9

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