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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Ordnance Depot 454 Highway 84 E Daleville, AL 36322 0.1
Kaufman's Gun Shop 141 N Daleville Ave Daleville, AL 36322 1.2
Lock N Load 43 County Road 17 Enterprise, AL 36330 5.3
Howell Shooting Supplies 140 Lowe Dr Enterprise, AL 36330 4.8
Hardens Gun Shop 607 E King St Newton, AL 36352 7.7
Tri-State Guns & Ammo 706 Glover Ave Enterprise, AL 36330 7.7
Tristate Guns & Ammo Sale 101 George Wallace Dr Enterprise, AL 36330 7.4
Outdoor Connection 5681 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 7.3
Long Shot 3385 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 9.5
Sanders Guns 10288 W US 84 Newton, AL 36352 9.7
Mike's Gun Shop 1287 E Highway 134 Apt A Midland City, AL 36350 9.7
Show Gun & Pawn Inc 1120 Andrews Ave Ozark, AL 36360 11.3
South Cross Gun Shop 104 S 4th Ave Hartford, AL 36344 13
Cliff's Gun Shop 153 E Broad St Ozark, AL 36360 12.4
Gander Mountain 5105 Montgomery Hwy Dothan, AL 36303 15.4
Area 51 5775 Montgomery Hwy Ste 4 Dothan, AL 36303 14.9
Bullets 107 W Mckinnon St New Brockton, AL 36351 14.5
C R Guns Inc 369 Peterman Rd Taylor, AL 36301 17.5

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