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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
High Velocity Firearms 8 N Market St Ste 10 Selinsgrove, PA 17870 0.2
Gator's Guns 2921 N Old Trl Shamokin Dam, PA 17876 3.6
High Velocity Firearms 1123 Produce Rd Selinsgrove, PA 17870 2.9
Hummel Sporting Goods 651 Globe Mills Rd Middleburg, PA 17842 6.6
Geiser-Guns 170 Lenker Ave Sunbury, PA 17801 5.7
Long Shot 299 Hooflander Rd Dornsife, PA 17823 8.6
Little Sportsmans Shop 1153 Susquehanna Trl Northumberland, PA 17857 7.9
Stuck Ridge Guns 7415 Route 104 Mount Pleasant Mills, PA 17853 9.2
Flint Valley Traders 6189 Flint Valley Rd Mount Pleasant Mills, PA 17853 8.7
Buffalo Valley Gunsmithing 47 Red Barn Ln Mifflinburg, PA 17844 12
Boop's Sporting Goods 6558 Old Turnpike Rd Mifflinburg, PA 17844 11.5
Keystone Sporting Arms Inc 155 Sodom Rd Milton, PA 17847 13.5
Baker's Gun Shop 197 Elm St New Columbia, PA 17856 16.3
Pig Pen 1476 Shippen Dam Rd Millersburg, PA 17061 16.3
Kahler's Gun Shop RR 1 Shamokin, PA 17872 16.1
Double Tap Firearms 799 Grange Hall Rd Milton, PA 17847 16.2
Empire Gun Shop 120 Liberty Valley Rd Danville, PA 17821 17.2

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