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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Champion Shooter Supply 11018 Camp Ohio Rd Utica, OH 43080 5.5
Rick's Sporting Goods 1326 Newark Rd Mount Vernon, OH 43050 8.9
F M Gunsmithing 7729 Keys Rd Mount Vernon, OH 43050 10
Concealment Unlimited 10 E Vine St Ste B Mount Vernon, OH 43050 11
C H Tool & Die 4-D Custom Die 711 N Sandusky St Mount Vernon, OH 43050 12.2
Farquhar & Steinbaugh Hunting & Fishing Supplies 229 Union St Newark, OH 43055 13.1
Ken Eyster Gunsmiths Inc 6441 Bishop Rd Centerburg, OH 43011 12.6
Axis Arms 610 Oakwood Ave Newark, OH 43055 11.7
PHOENIX TACTICAL LLC 626 Hebron Rd Ste D Heath, OH 43056 14
Airrattle 3643 Dill Rd Centerburg, OH 43011 15.6
Brooks Arms LTD 7050 Township Road 15 Centerburg, OH 43011 15.4

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