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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Plaza Pawn & Gun 365 Jackson Plz Sylva, NC 28779 0.4
Tucks Guns and Ammo, Inc 442 E Main St Sylva, NC 28779 0.7
Sillman Cartridge Co 442 E Main St Sylva, NC 28779 0.7
Outpost Mountain Outfitters 4768 Us Highway 74 W Whittier, NC 28789 4.1
Hazelwood Gun & Tactical 495 Hazelwood Ave Waynesville, NC 28786 14
Bear Springs Armory 57 Main St Bryson City, NC 28713 13.4
Buck's Gun Shop PO Box 1600 Franklin, NC 28744 16.4
D & W Gun Repair 32 Fairway Hills Dr Waynesville, NC 28786 16.5
Depot Street Pawn 585 Depot St Franklin, NC 28734 15.9
Valley Pawn & Estate Jewelry 1464 Dellwood Rd Waynesville, NC 28786 16.6
Smoky Mountain Jewelers 250 Highlands Rd Franklin, NC 28734 15.7
Sottile Jim 938 Sugarfork Rd Franklin, NC 28734 15.2
Thunder Pawn 253 Highlands Rd Franklin, NC 28734 15.8
Mountain Firearms 544 E Main St Franklin, NC 28734 15.7
Plaza Pawn & Gun 253 Highlands Rd Franklin, NC 28734 15.8
Mountain Firearms 105 Wayah St Franklin, NC 28734 16.8

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