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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Lakeshore Outfitters 6398 Blue Star Hwy Saugatuck, MI 49453 6.7
Moa Shooting Supply 6376 138th Ave Holland, MI 49423 7.7
Dnr-Echo Point Shooting Range 3682 Monroe Rd Allegan, MI 49010 10.7
Powderhorn Guns & Archery 127 N River Ave Holland, MI 49424 14.3
Chan's Martial Arts 735 Paw Paw Dr Holland, MI 49423 13.6
Bullet Hole Firearms 765 E 8th St Holland, MI 49423 13.6
MOA Gunsmithing 3694 N 168th Ave Holland, MI 49424 17.2
K & M Precision Shooting Products 12764 Greenly St Holland, MI 49424 16.5
Precision Rifle Co 2638 142nd Ave Dorr, MI 49323 17.7

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