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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Shady Creek Sporting Clays LLC 1252 North Oliver Road, Belle Plaine 12.9
Flying Dutchman Firearms 1936 Country View Drive, Derby 19.7
American Pawn and Guns 4928 South Broadway Avenue, Wichita 22.5
Home On the Range 512 Main Street, Winfield 21.8
A Loan At Last - Pawn Shop and Gun Shop 3375 East 47th Street South, Wichita 22.9
ATP Arms 9188 Southwest 240th Street, Douglass 24.7
Dual Defense Firearms 723 East Skinner Street, Wichita 26.2
Mr Pawn 2339 South Oliver Street, Wichita 26.1
FTW Coatings 807 East Harry Street, Wichita 26.6
BB Airsoft World 160 South West Street, Wichita 27.6
Gander Mountain 605 South Wichita Street, Wichita 27.6
Knapp Weaponry 2901 West Central Avenue, Wichita 28.5
Range 54 5725 East Kellogg Drive, Wichita 28.1
The Wichita Gun club 504 South Edgemoor Street, Wichita 28.1
Goddard Gunnery 20410 West Kellogg Drive, Goddard 28.3
Finley's Hobbies 5640 East Central Avenue, Wichita 29.2
Bullseye Shooting Range 1455 North Terrace Drive, Wichita 30.1
Lee's Weaponry LLC 3117 East 13th Street North, Wichita 29.8
Ricochet Arms 17522 U.S. 160, Winfield 29.7
Tactical Precision Arms 511 North Main Street, Garden Plain 30.5

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