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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Gun Den 708 Commercial Street, Emporia 0.7
Gerry's Pawn 625 Commercial Street, Emporia 0.6
Richard United Sales Pawn Shop 329 Commercial Street, Emporia 0.6
Sutherlands 1700 Industrial Road, Emporia 1.7
Country Guns & Ammo 14 Market Street, Osage City 25
Sheepdog Firearms LLC 204 South 4th Street, Burlington 28.5
Country Guns & Ammo 123 West Santa Fe Avenue, Burlingame 31
Harrison Shooter Supply 405 Topeka Avenue, Lyndon 30.9
Locust Point Sporting Clays 19939 S Berryton Rd, Lyndon 36.2
Gunlock & Gleue Designs 609 South Main Street, Le Roy 37.5

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