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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
J R Gunsmithing 402 Bella Street, Irwin 15.3
Locked & Loaded Outfitters 612 Market Street, Harlan 20.5
BW Outfitters 309 Truman Road, Anita 20.8
Volquartsen Firearms 24276 240th Street, Carroll 20.7
Iowa Gun 225 Antique City Drive, Walnut 22.5
Wendl's Weapons 529 North East Street, Carroll 24.1
Hardisty's 317 East Jaycee Street, Avoca 26.2
Shooters Outlet 114 Main Street, Arcadia 26.2
The Snare Shop 330 North Main Street, Lidderdale 28.9
Sieh Guns 42192 Tamarack Avenue, Avoca 28.7
BW Outfitters 1118 4th Avenue South, Denison 30
Gunnar's 1016 East Lincoln Way, Jefferson 35.6

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