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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
Paradise Sporting Goods 815 Elliott Road, Paradise 0.8
Underground Ammo Paradise 5780 Clark Road, Paradise 0.1
C W Enterprises 1370 Wagstaff Road, Paradise 1.7
Roger's Gun Repair Paradise 0.9
Chico Rod & Gun Club Inc Wildwood Avenue, Chico 9.3
Onpoint Firearms 3083 Montreal Lane, Chico 11.4
Dick's Sporting Goods 1922 East 20th Street, Chico 10.8
Safer Arms Indoor Range 2555 Dominic Drive, Chico 10.1
Chico Gun 1351 Mangrove Avenue B-1, Chico 12.5
Sportsman's Warehouse 765 East Avenue #170, Chico 12.8
Action Guns & Sporting Goods 3029 Esplanade, Chico 14
North Valley Gun Shop 544 East Eaton Road, Chico 14
Down Range Indoor Training Center 13407 Garner Lane, Chico 15.5
Fxp Firearms Ammunition Gun Repair 1940 Feather River Boulevard, Oroville 17.5
Berry Creek Guns 675 Oro Dam Boulevard East # B, Oroville 17.8
Huntington's Sportman's Store 601 Oro Dam Boulevard East, Oroville 17.8
Huntington's Die Specialties 601 Oro Dam Boulevard East, Oroville 17.8
Huntingtons Sportsmans Store 601 Oro Dam Boulevard East, Oroville 17.8
Brown Precision 7786 Molinos Avenue, Los Molinos 32
Corning Ace Hardware 2020 Solano Street, Corning 33.4

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